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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the benefits of enrollment in this concierge practice?

  • Timely appointments with Dr. McCaskill, usually the same or next day ​  

  • Longer, unhurried office visits with little to no wait time when you arrive

  • Direct access to Dr. McCaskill via cell phone and email so you can contact her after hours and on weekends

  • Coordination of your care with specialists and any other healthcare professionals, and advocating on your behalf

  • Dr McCaskill’s direct communication with your hospital team regarding your care if you are inpatient 

  • Completing forms for medication and diagnostic tests authorization, travel, disability, home health, medical equipment, facility entrance, etc. without additional charges

  • Dr. McCaskill’s continued commitment to providing you with personalized care with an emphasis on wellness, prevention, and early detection of disease, as well as comprehensive treatment of ongoing medical illnesses

Why did Dr. McCaskill decide to change her practice to a Concierge Practice?

Increasing pressure by insurance companies on medical practices and a growing physician shortage have compromised doctors’ ability to provide personal care to patients. Primary care physicians, on average, have less than ten minutes to see a patient and are expected to have several thousand patients in their panel. This is simply not conducive to giving the highest level of care that patients deserve. The concierge program will allow Dr. McCaskill to provide you with personalized care to help you stay healthy, and to successfully navigate through any healthcare challenges you may face.

Why is an Enrollment Fee required?
The Annual Enrollment Fee allows Dr. McCaskill to reduce her patient panel size significantly. This gives Dr. McCaskill the ability to offer the highest standard of personalized care to each and every one of her patients. Commercial insurance plans and Medicare do not cover this Enrollment Fee.

I have a deductible. Can the Annual Enrollment Fee be applied to my deductible or office visit co-pays?
No, the Annual Enrollment Fee cannot be applied to your insurance deductible or to regular office visit co-pays. However, if your employer has a Flex Plan (Section 125) or a Health Savings Account (HSA), you may be able to receive reimbursement for the Annual Enrollment Fee with these pre-tax dollars. Dr. McCaskill recommends that you talk to your employer or tax advisor for more information about this.

I am a Medicare patient. How does my insurance plan apply to her program?
Medicare patients are welcome in this practice. If you are a Medicare recipient and Medicare is your primary health insurer you must maintain your Medicare coverage. The concierge fee covers services NOT reimbursed by Medicare. Your insurance will continued to be billed at the doctors’ usual and customary rate for your office visits. Dr. McCaskill’s fee schedule will remain the same. You will need to continue to use Medicare for any visits with medical specialists or for hospital, lab and radiology services.

How does Concierge Enrollment work with my Health Insurance?
The Concierge program is designed to work in conjunction with, not replace, your traditional health insurance. If you are insured by a commercial insurance plan you must maintain your health insurance. The concierge enrollment fee covers services NOT reimbursed by insurance. Your insurance will continued to be billed for office visits and you will still be responsible for your co-pays and deductibles. You will need to continue to use your commercial health insurance for any visits with medical specialists or for hospital, lab and radiology services.

Once I sign up, how will I get direct access to communicate with Dr. McCaskill?
Upon receipt of your signed & completed concierge agreement signature page and payment, you will be provided with a welcome letter, which will include the information to contact Dr. McCaskill directly via cell phone and email.
If you have not yet already, please also contact the office to sign up for NextMD, which is a secure, web-based portal to send an email to the office for questions, to request or cancel appointments, to request prescription refills and to receive test results and referrals.

What do I do when I need a specialist or go to the hospital?
To ensure you are getting the best care possible, Dr. McCaskill will coordinate and expedite your specialist referrals and be in direct communication with the other health care professionals involved in your care. If you need to be in the hospital, she will work closely with your hospital team.

I am in good health and visit the doctor infrequently. Why should I enroll in the Concierge Program?
Dr. McCaskill believes that maintaining good health and prevention of disease should be a top priority. As one ages, there tends to be a greater need for healthcare. Even if you are in excellent health currently, having a personal physician who really knows you will help keep you healthy and thriving for years to come. Spending the extra money to be a part of a concierge practice will be a worthwhile investment in your lifelong health and wellness goals.

Will Dr. McCaskill be accepting new patients to her Concierge Practice?
Yes. Dr. McCaskill is currently accepting a limited number of new patients into the practice. 

I am ready to sign up. What do I need to do?
If you would like to sign up, or have additional questions, please call (949) 244-4076. We will walk you through the process and schedule your appointment with Dr. McCaskill. We look forward to seeing you! 

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